Current Affiliations

TitanFile Inc.

Co-founder and CTO
Kitchener Office: 151 Charles St. W., Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 1H6, Canada
Halifax Office: 1 Research Dr., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2Y 4M9, Canada
Tel: +1-519-804-2227
WWW: http://www.titanfile.com

Social Media

Research Interests

  • Search Engines: Crawling, Indexing, Ranking, Classification, Spamdexing
  • Geographic Search: Data Aggregation, Indexing, Management, Visualization
  • Relaxed Unification Formalism and Unification in First-Order Logic
  • Probabilistic Logic: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Natural Language Processing: Unification Grammars and Question Answering.
  • Autonomous Agents and Artificial Life
  • Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation
  • Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning
  • Detection of Malicious Code
  • Knowledge and Information Management Systems


Brock University Courses:

  • COSC 4P76: Machine Learning, Winter 2006
  • COSC 4V80: Artificial Neural Networks, Winter 2006
  • COSC 1P93: Introduction to Computer Programming, Fall 2005
  • COSC 1P95: Computers and Application Software, Fall 2005

Dalhousie University Courses:

  • CSCI 3171: Network Computing, Summer 2005
  • CSCI 3171: Network Computing, Summer 2004

Professional Activities and Affiliation



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