All the tweets of @www2009 at the World Wide Web Conference in Madrid 2009

WWW2009 LogoFrom April 19 until April 26, I was in Madrid, Spain, attending the 18th World Wide Web Conference (WWW2009). I kept a live account of the conference and Madrid from my perspective at the twitter user @www2009. All my tweets are listed below. For a more comprehensive view, search for #www2009 on Twitter.

  1. #www2009 please don’t DM/Reply to @www2009 anymore, use @tony_aa if you’d like to reach me. over and out.

  2. Finally made it home after some delays. But #www2009 ain’t over for me, got lotsa papers to read. Singing off from @www2009 back to @tony_aa
  3. singing off. time to go to wife and son in sun^H^H^Hfreezing #halifax. adios amigos! #www2009
  4. #www200 #twwweet #w3ctrack #w3csocial group photo number 2

  5. #www200 #twwweet #w3ctrack #w3csocial group photo number 1
  6. Congrats to all the organizers and attendees on the success of #www2009. I appreciated the diversity of sessions in content and format

  7. I estimate that over 1000 delegates attended #www2009 since 900+ had pre-registered.
  8. my streetmaps and geoparser slides are online at… and… #www2009 #devtrack

  9. wow, the power just went out at the hotel for a minute. Didn’t expect to see THAT in #Madrid.
  10. last night in #Madrid. there is a wedding at the hotel – great spanish oldies and hits. flying back to #halifax in 12 hours. #www2009

  11. group photo of #twwweet’ers at #www2009 will be posted next week. Network is too slow at the hotel for image
  12. still in Madrid leaving Sunday. This evening/night is open. Email me if you’d like to meet for food/drinks/walk/etc taa @ #www2009

  13. RT @ashishgoel:we won the best paper award at #www2009 (the main WWW conference). The paper @ // congrats!
  14. @ashishgoel congrats!!!
  15. really enjoyed meeting all #twwweet’ers in person at #www2009

  16. @janhinrichs welcome to the club 🙂

  17. #www2009 #twwweet twitter messages will be gzipped and encoded and readable only through special clients
  18. #www2009 #twwweet breakout group discussing location in social networks .. no problems technologically, but some usability issues

  19. #www2009 #twwweet going around the room and “tweeting” on mic 140 chars max
  20. #www2009 #twwweet limitation leads to wider deployment, ie. mobile

  21. #www2009 #twwweet constraints may lead to creativity .. not necessarily a bad thing but maybe good
  22. #www2009 #twwweet shorter links on twitter are ridiculous

  23. #www2009 #twwweet this session is about social implications of microblogging ..what does it do to our society and our interaction?
  24. #www2009 #twwweet social aspect is most important, not the technology

  25. #www2009 #twwweet microblogging brings instant messaging into the web architecture
  26. #www2009 #twwweet make sure to use the two tags #twwweet and #www2009

  27. #www2009 #twwweet tweet out loud: say on the mic and write it here
  28. #www2009 #twwweet Title: social implications of twitter

  29. #www2009 #twwweet is about to begin in L-1 Paris Room
  30. REMINDER: #www2009 #twwweet’ers meeting in L-1 at 16:30 #w2ctrack on social web

  31. #www2009 #devtrack – great video of demo of wikipedia made accessible for the blind. JS chars toolbar is now a drop-down list
  32. #www2009 #devtrack wikipedia’s toolbar (charset) is not usable by the blind because it’s javascript and not focusable

  33. #www2009 #devtrack MusicBrainz – using GUID to identify artist, unique ike tinyurl but not so tiny
  34. RT @uberalex: #twwweet will next year’s id badges have twitter id on them for #www2010? #www2009

  35. #www2009 #devtrack 455,465 artist profiles published on the web .. that’s insane | BBC Music Beta
  36. @dirkahlers please give summary here after the talk, sounds interesting

  37. @sharpic will do after it happens.
  38. @pgwetzler blame it on lack of coffee 😛
  39. RT @cj_apes: #www2009 good travel back home everyone!

  40. @rcostu ur comments can be of interest to #www2009 attendeed. please tag as appropriate.

  41. #www2009 for caffeine deprived addicts like me: cafeteria offers great espresso: “Cafe solo”. Had 2 earlier, more later on.
  42. #www2009 #devtrack completed the StreetMaps presentation. Woho! got one question from audience. Thanks!

  43. Had a pre-#twwweet meeting photo with some who can’t attend: @vipulmathur @mariagrineva @rb and i think @jsr

  44. #www2009 #devtrack will present Street Maps in 10 mins in L2
  45. #www2009 #devtrack finished presenting Query GeoParser with @jasonmhines

  46. @njh that’s why I’m at cafeteria instead
  47. @gaedke you’re doing pretty good 🙂
  48. RT @cgutteridge – “how do I get URIs out of my mum?” @gaedke – “that’s very easy: She should call my Mum on Skype” #www2009

  49. #www2009 I’ll be : poster 1-2; cafeteria 2-2:20; presenting in L-2 2:30-4:00; coffee 4-4:30; L-1 #twwweet 4:30-6:15. Evening/night undecided

  50. how to recognize me: black tshirt with Local Games Health bubbles; pony tail. I’d like to meet all #twwweet’ers #www2009

  51. @tommyh you gotta be kidding. really? tell me all about it when you have a chance!
  52. @www2009eprints awesome! is there no way to get earlier tweets?
  53. @cgutteridge what you said is a good topic for #twwweet session. #www2009

  54. @r12a use tinyurl/ for shortening names 😛 I’m just agreeing with you

  55. brunch at cafeteria now, poster viewing during lunch – making own conf schedule. conf on demand? #www2009
  56. @gaedke 16:30 in L-1 Paris

  57. ANNOUNCEMENT: #www2009 #w3ctrack Fri 16:30 L-1. Put face to #tWWWeet’ers and discuss impact of twitter on society. Group photo.
  58. personal thanks to Pavel for offering complementary morning yoga sessions. I look forward to more at another event. #www2009

  59. do you yoga? San Jose room now. I’ll be there in 10 mins. Still waking up. #www2009
  60. @SeanGolliher already done:…

  61. #www2009 it’s 5am. Yoga in 3h. time for some chamomile tea and a quick nap before the big day. Giving 2 presentations #devtrack after lunch
  62. @SeanGolliher RT for me is like a “like” button in other networks. And I don’t dislike anyone, only some of their tweets (which I don’t RT).

  63. RT @sheilaellen: @robertobelo Your twitter stream has been excellent. Fantastic idea. Hope you’ve had a great time 🙂 #www2009
  64. @xamat I disagree. Wendy was a true entertainer the American style: say embarrassing things about other in public. I loved it. #www2009
  65. @cgutteridge sleep is for the weak! 😛 Yoga at 8am! #www2009

  66. ANNOUNCEMENT: #www2009 #w3ctrack Fri 16:30 L-1. Put face to #tWWWeet’ers and discuss impact of twitter on society. Group photo.

  67. @mzurko I have on column in tweetdeck that shows search results for #www2009. At the bottom, second button is “Filter”. Use spam keyword.
  68. @gaedke was out learning how to dance salsa. now back online #www2009
  69. at #www2009 banquet sitting with the Russian gang criticizing all that comes to mind

  70. RT @burningbird Every time I read the term “linked data”, I yell out, “Break the chains! Free the data!” and dance about, like a mad woman.

  71. going to the park. banquet later on. #www2009
  72. #www2009 #betavine some of us are meeting after banquet for widget brainstorming/coding. Interested? Reply.

  73. ANNOUNCEMENT: #www2009 #w3ctrack Fri 16:30 L-1. Put face to #twwweet’ers and discuss impact and implications of microblogging on society.
  74. had a great discussion with @mariagrineva and he colleague about semantic blog search, twitter, wikipedia, … #www2009

  75. RT @kevscarr: multiple people can work together for £20,000 #betavine widget competition; 1 team member must act as lead to submit.
  76. @vipulmathur on my way, ETA 10-15min. Gonna grab a coffee first

  77. #www2009 Ricardo was chairing query processing. I thought it was customary for the chair to ask at least one question; didn’t happen here.

  78. @vipulmathur ah, that one is yours. I saw it earlier, looked interesting. I liked the diagrams
  79. @rcostu agreed. I plan to incorporate this concept in the one I’m building. BTW, facebook already has URL for almost everything
  80. @yesilady can you provide title or link to paper? full text search at #www2009

  81. @joaop the example was : type “angelina” get “angelina jolie”. I think they used Google’s search suggest through a local proxy for caching

  82. RT @caffeinator: twitter is helping me in my phd research… wow.
  83. #www2009 listening to: GPU4IR – Using Graphics Processors for High Performance IR Query Processing

  84. #www2009 looking forward to @mariagrineva‘s demo of semantic blog search during the coffee break (poster area)

  85. #www2009: RuralCafe – search queries are poorly formulated in developing countries and require assistance [query recommendation]
  86. #www2009 #betavine mobile widget challenge – only individual entries, no teams. bummer.

  87. #www2009 RuralCafe: enable developing regions to search for angelina jolie. Jay said angelina like 10 times. I don’t blame him 😛
  88. #www2009 RuralCafe: Web 2.0 + acoustic modems = ….

  89. #www2009 ALL: if you have a poster, promote it here and say when you expect to be at the poster
  90. @vipulmathur which is your poster?

  91. #www2009 i thought the index compression talk was good .. but there were no questions asked.
  92. #www2009 query processing: reordering of pages can significantly reduce index size per query for most queries

  93. @rcostu yes, each piece of information: review, update, event, etc should be accessible individually – makes api and integration more usable
  94. #www2009 at query processing
  95. #www2009 Pavel the yoga man discussed an analysis of the web graph, grouped by nations. Check out all the poster near the registration area.

  96. #www2009 time for lunch
  97. #www2009 tip to all social sites: one of key features of twitter is that each tweet has own URL

  98. #www2009 #w3ctrack #mobilewidgets onto brainstorming of topics for discussion. See wiki:
  99. #www2009 #w3ctrack #mobilewidgets Traffic Jam Killer: collaborative traffic monitor based on participant’s location and speed

  100. #www2009 #w3ctrack #mobilewidgets Opera comes with a lot of cool features like geolocation, file I/O, offline storage …
  101. people stop using the wireless so I can do some tweeting .. everyone is so selfish [joke] #www2009

  102. #www2009 #w3ctrack #mobilewidgets “You don’t need to be an experienced mobile developer to make great widgets”
  103. @SeanGolliher Friday

  104. ANNOUNCEMENT: #www2009 #w3ctrack Fri 16:30 L-1. Put face to #twwweet’ers and discuss impact and implications of microblogging on society.
  105. @SeanGolliher Madrid is absolutely fantastic. see my earlier tweets tonight

  106. you can drink all night in Madrid without paying. But the good drinks cost. Totally worth it! #www2009
  107. foosball against Italians&Spanish was a lot of fun. Won some & lost some. Canada is better at hockey. Time for morning tea&nap. #www2009

  108. caipiroskos are so strong yet sweet .. soft rock music ..
  109. fantastic mojitos and Spanish music somewhere downtown

  110. ANNOUNCEMENT: #www2009 #w3c session Fri 16:30 L-1. Put face to #twwweet and discuss impact and implication of microblogging on society.
  111. ANNOUNCEMENT: #www2009 #twwweet session Fri 16:30 L-1. Put face to twwweets and discuss impact and implication of microblogging on society.

  112. had a good chat with @roessler of #w3c regarding #twwweet logistics. Friday @ 16:30 for 30 mins. All #www2009 tweeter are asked to attend
  113. @sgala where to? I’d like to go out after taking some rest. Share location if you wish to meet up downtown.

  114. #www2009 flamenco is over. Next: drinking, socializing, and maybe, just maybe, dancing

  115. TOP 10 Linked Data Research Issues from BOF #linkeddata #lod #www2009
  116. @gaedke one of them flamenco was on TV this morning .. it was something

  117. @bengee the front page of program is mirrored at

  118. @caffeinator found a couple paper w/ twitter. See thanks to @www2009eprints for maintaining a searchable site #www2009

  119. RT @juansequeda: Flamenco presentation at #www2009 but all re geeks are on their laptops! [priceless!]
  120. #www2009 in auditorium listening to Spanish guitar, singing, and soon flamenco.
  121. #www2009 poster: Ralitsa’s “Graffiti” algorithm extends Topical PageRank to classify diff node types to diff classes in social networks

  122. #www2009 poster: Otkie’s work on semantic linking of databases using SQL has great potential, should extend to distributed data. Efficient?
  123. #www2009 poster: Yandex identifies link exchange by combining short text classification with HITS analysis. High precision and recall.

  124. @roessler Who do I talk to about this? @www2009eprints take notes. #www2009

  125. #www2009 so, tentatively on Thur in M-2 at 16:30. do people like calling it #twwweet BOF? objective?
  126. @xamat they get to tweet out loud #www2009 #twwweet

  127. RT @cgutteridge: #linkeddata is to “semantic web”, as XML is to SGML. (ie. significantly easier and having most of the benefits) #www2009
  128. how do #www2009 tweeters feel about having a virtual/physical B.O.F workshop where we book a room but also talk on twitter? Reply

  129. Excellent discussion with @www2009eprints and @gaedke over coffee about data management and linking on conference websites. #www2009

  130. #www2009 #linkeddata BOF: lined data is like semantic web without reasoning. SemWeb is years away, but linked data on the web can happen now
  131. @roessler I blame it on lack of coffee during lunch

  132. #www2009 #linkeddata BOFdiscussion on the wiki at including communities, and research topics
  133. RT @clintandrewhall: Slow network connection. Presenters reverting to screenshots, saying “dunno if this will work.” #www2009
  134. RT @clintandrewhall: people are complaining, not just in Twitter. Presenters reverting to screenshots, saying “dunno if this will work.”

  135. #www2009 #linkeddata communities: databases, Web eng, NLP, multi/hyper-media, legal, HCI, REST, App/Domains-specific, Geo-information, KM/KR
  136. @www2009eprints err. L-1 #linkeddata BOF. Pick a spot for coffee break (not sport)

  137. @clintandrewhall How can I help?
  138. #www2009 #linkeddata BOF: provenance and related issues are very hot topics
  139. @vipulmathur BOF are created on the fly and happen in L1. They should be posted outside of L1.

  140. @www2009eprints hi! 🙂 i’m with the pony-tail and blueish shirt. also white macbook
  141. #www2009 no power in outlets in L1 Paris … laptops are slowly shutting down
  142. #www2009 @ BOF on “Research Directions for Linked Data” #linkeddata

  143. RT @juansequeda: New BOF: Defining Research AgendaFor Linked Data. Today 14:30 Room L1 Paris #www2009 Please RT
  144. Tasty espresso at the conference centre cafetria. Good price too of $1.10 euro. #www2009

  145. #www2009 off to lunch. More caviar today?

  146. RT @juansequeda: @mhausenblas we want to organize a BOF about the open scientific research problems for Linked Data. [I’m attending]
  147. #www2009 Twitter , Flickr, and Facebook links for WWW2009 are available at the left column of
  148. RT @robertobelo: Google getting a bit more “evil” lately

  149. #www2009 spoke to Kevin from BetaVine; an interesting organization to promote mobile app development. Added to the list of services to check
  150. #www2009 Cerf: we are becoming more and more accustomed to real time access to information.

  151. #www2009 “What would the world be like with the Internet and the Web?” Cerf: “Very awkward.”
  152. #www2009 TBL: volunteer contributions as price for goods exceeded planned asking price

  153. #www2009 TBL: “putting teenagers in jail is not the right way of doing things”
  154. #www2009 illegal download of music in Spain and Latin America is very high

  155. #www2009 TBL: UK tried monitoring networks at click levels. US tried but abandoned, now illegal.
  156. #www2009 TBL: ISP should be like water providers – provide clean water from end to end

  157. #www2009 Openness and neutral access to information are very important
  158. #www2009 Cert: control of copy doesn’t work when it’s easy to copy. need to adapt our business model to the new environment.

  159. #www2009 ISP shouldn’t be responsible for examining the content of the network and determining access control
  160. #www2009 TBL: users are starting to use websites only if they allow them to get the data back and use it for other things

  161. #www2009 @ Press conference with Tim Burners-Lee & Vincent Cerf. 8 Video cameras and numerous photographers.
  162. #wwww2009 wireless was partially disconnected from the internet.

  163. #www2009 coffee/bio break is on.

  164. #www2009 TBL: users and groups will have URI, and maybe that’s it – all we need for access control
  165. #www2009 TBL still focuses on queries, downplaying the need for natural language interfaces

  166. #www2009 TBL – a very interesting discussion of social responsibility, access to data, and the need for tools to express all this
  167. #www2009 TBL promotes OpenStreetMap as community-edited maps.

  168. #www2009 TBL: don’t make any assumptions about anonymity with using pseudo-names, very easy to figure out, programmatically, the real name
  169. @jaime_estevez, @adrienmangin i take your word for it. I don’t speak Spanish unfortunately

  170. #www2009 TBL: another plug for twitter
  171. #www2009 TBL: Walled gardens are very attractive, but can’t compete with openness. Open Social Networking ftw

  172. #www2009 TBL bashing IE regarding scalable SVG
  173. @adrienmangin thanks. Although @jaime_estevez is only RT so wasn’t sure

  174. #www2009 TBL puts a lot of emphasis on JavaScript – web pages are programs
  175. #www2009 TBL: static HTML will always be an important part of the web. … now we have wikis, twitter …

  176. #www2009 TBL: SEO is a science. Me: SEO experts tell me it’s black magic more so than science.
  177. #www2009 TBL: Web years from 2.6 to 1?

  178. #www2009 Tim Berners-Lee is a very energetic and entertaining speaker
  179. @jahendler time limits? 😛

  180. #www2009 the prince and his party sit among the audience. paparazzi are permitted to come in and take a few hundred shots
  181. #www2009 in 2010, all public services in Spain will be online

  182. RT @dajobe: everyone applaud if the prince mentions twitter 🙂 #www2009
  183. #www2009 Web 2.0 is beyond recreation and social interaction, spreading into business as well

  184. @mzurko what’s the attendee count? (from @torgo)

  185. #www2009 the program site is down again. Here is a backup site I hope it holds for a bit
  186. @shaver I enjoyed it too! Good job guys

  187. #www2009 “there is a continuous process of webilization”

  188. #www2009 after taking some photos, paparazzi were asked to leave the room.
  189. #www2009 the Prince arrived.

  190. @tadejtadej could be 🙂
  191. now i regret leaving the camera at the hotel .. should’ve borne the extra weight
  192. #www2009 “walking on webshine” is the web’s 20th anniversary slang

  193. #www2009 there are more professional videographers in the room than www2009 tweeters ..
  194. #www2009 panel concluded. ceremony follows

  195. #www2009 Q: authenticity of information? Shaver: citations are important. Invest in educating about critical thinking
  196. #www2009 Q: authenticity of information? Dougherty: still trying to figure that out in the publishing industry.

  197. #www2009 Q: authenticity of information? Cerf: if no provenance then be skeptical – no guarantees of anything on the web
  198. #www2009 Q: authenticity of information? Cailliau: must accept it for what it is

  199. #www2009 Q: authenticity of information? TBL: semantic web links to the source that produced the information
  200. #www2009 TBL: #w3c will be a long-tail organization; looking into open licensing to support #opensource community

  201. #www2009 TBL: #w3c doesn’t have a fixed policy, believes in decentralization, must stay open to new ideas
  202. #www2009 TBL: we have opening for a CEO on #w3c to take it to the next level

  203. #www2009 Shaver: the web is complicated because we only had 20 years – not enough time to make it simple
  204. #www2009 Cerf : theorem 206 – everything is more complicated

  205. #www2009 video streaming will be replaced with super-fast file transfer, currently happening in Japan
  206. #www2009 Cerf: google received 15 hours of video per minute

  207. #www2009 TBL: audio and video will become more important than text, especially in mobile
  208. #www2009 onto Q&A

  209. #www2009 Cerf: it’s no longer just internet of people, docs, data, but also devices that accept control and report status
  210. #www2009 Cerf: more people will have their first interaction with the web through mobile and not laptop

  211. #www2009 Cerf: people providing transport should not interfere with applications
  212. #www20009 RC: there is a legal vacuum on the web: were the companies are located, where data is stored, how, who ..

  213. #www2009 Robert Cailliau: most excited about going mobile
  214. follow the steps of @gaedke and tell your colleagues who didn’t make it about the twitter coverage of the event #www2009

  215. #www2009 note to self: the future of the web is simplicity
  216. #www2009 Mike: people need to understand the web with simplicity or they’ll move to something else (prompted applaud)

  217. #www2009 Mike Shaver: strong tendency to add complexity [to internet and web] by those who understand the web technologies inside out
  218. #www2009 twitter is stream is linked from the program page

  219. #www2009 Dale promoting twitter!!!
  220. #www209 the program is back online…

  221. #www2009 TBL: people do things if it was cool if everyone else did, even before others do – bootstrap effect of new systems
  222. RT @roessler: Tim, A product where people would have to write angle brackets was unthinkable. There was WYSIWYG! #www2009

  223. past security and in the auditorium listening to the panel. #www2009
  224. was shot for a commercial – that’s awesome!

  225. sitting at Plaza Mayor drinking sangria
  226. off to Novotel lobby for a bit and then to city centre. feel free to join us! #www2009

  227. apparently twitter doesn’t like hashes in urls .. so primitive
  228. Facebook event page: connect with others attending #www2009

  229. RT @shaver: Madrid is making me very hungry, but it’s still 3 hours until supper. Might be time to find a patio and some pinxtos. #www2009
  230. @www2009eprints I like it a lot. nicely done. will release the scripts? I’m a regexp junkie 😛

  231. @www2009eprints regexps are fun

  232. any evening gatherings for today aside from the yahoo party? I’m going to the city centre for some photo taking/food/shopping #www2009
  233. decided to take a break until coffee time. lunch without coffee is hard. feel sorry for early morning and after-lunch presenters #www2009

  234. #restful #www2009 is paused for lunch. Was informative and easy to follow. I also liked the flexibility of the speaker based on questions
  235. #restful #www2009 POST -> changes state on the server; problem with fault tolerance; not safe to repeat

  236. #restful #www2009 PUT -> can be repeated with same outcome ; safe to retry but need to know unique ID of resource
  237. #restful #www2009 GET is a “read-only” op -> can be repeated without changing state on server

  238. #restful #www2009 many differences between PUT and POST in REST, but not clear enough when to use which

  239. @dirkahlers with some planning could’ve been done in facebook maybe … there is an event page, but it’s inactive
  240. #restful #www2009 network slowness is causing me neural slowness
  241. #www2009 linked data => URI/RDF => semantic web. Is linked data == semantic web? How are they different?

  242. #restful #www2009 design space for REST: fixed methods X variable resources X variable representations
  243. #restful #www2009 design tips and anti-patterns are being discussed

  244. #restful #www2009 “practical part will be done by Eric in the afternoon”
  245. #restful #www2009 a question of #linkeddata use with RESTful services … speaker is less familiar with linked data.

  246. #restful #www2009 disconnected microphones make audience giggle
  247. #restful #www2009 going over some basic concepts – URI, XML, JSON, AJAX, etc Good differentiation between AJAX and JSON

  248. #restful #www2009 the speaker is energetic and clear. Use of loud mic keeps audience engaged
  249. @VictorSanchez use #www2009 in tweets for people who follow the conference through

  250. switching gears to #www2009 #restful – Designing and Implementing RESTful Services
  251. #semanticannotations #www2009 break on time. see you all with coffee

  252. @javiercuervo any gnu/linux laptops around?
  253. #semanticannotations #www2009 pattern learning requires labelled data. Can patterns be extracted from unlabelled data?
  254. #semanticannotations #www2009 SVM is good if you don’t have explicit vector representation,but have a binary comparison function for obj’s

  255. #semanticannotations #www2009 a lot of interesting ideas for automated pattern discovery, could be useful for question-answering systems
  256. @besbes fully recovered during yoga this morning. ready for another gathering.

  257. #semanticannotations #www2009 less than 10% of tutorial attendees are NOT using a laptop atm .. not enough of them tweeting though
  258. #semanticannotations #www2009 iterative approach to pattern discovery using generic patterns: Left-word-centre-word-right

  259. #semanticannotations #www2009 unfortunate that slides are not printed/distributed .. hard to write comments for personal reference.
  260. #semanticannotations #www2009 bootstrapping fact and pattern finding to identify relationships in text

  261. #semanticannotations #www2009 loss augmented inference problem can be solved by dymanic programming
  262. #semanticannotations #www2009 some started leaving .. a bit too much dry math

  263. #semanticannotations #www2009 “StructSVM to the rescue”
  264. @janhinrichs remember to tag posts with #www2009

  265. #semanticannotations #www2009 interesting approach to MC -like graphs through frequency estimates
  266. #semanticannotations #www2009 there is an algo to emit 10 shortest paths efficiently, non-trivial

  267. at the semantic annotations tutorial #www2009, going over the basics now – markov chains and all
  268. yoga this morning was excellent. my 1st time and now I’m hooked. Pavel is a certified instructor, so join him tomorrow morning 8AM #www2009

  269. #photo #www2009 crowd during lunch
  270. RT @gaedke: Attending TUTORIAL at #www2009? Please reply/DM how you like it. As tutorials chair: Did we select tutorials of interest to you?

  271. @SeanGolliher no comments about www2009 where?
  272. @rcostu yes, this is more of a social event organized by an attendee. It is said to help overcome jet lag.
  273. @shaver piece of cake, nothing an espresso can’t fix.

  274. highlight of the evening: lightning talks of 1.5 mins from #linkeddata #www2009 dinner participants .. so many interesting and diverse works

  275. @taktak mmm sushi .. will you have some hamachi? nigiri, maki, sashimi; it’s all good. count me in! Any good sushi places in Madrid? ja mata
  276. @mzurko never did yoga myself. But I heard the event organizer, Pavel, is an expert! If I’m up early enough I’ll give it a try.
  277. @mariagrineva at least you did the important stuff in advance. See you soon

  278. @dajobe you didn’t drink enough! the beer is good. the wine is good. and there is always coffee 🙂

  279. @juansequeda so semantic-webbie 😛
  280. #ldow2009 #www2009 the dinner is absolutely awesome! the people, the drinks, the food .. love it!
  281. #www2009 Pavel is organizing daily yoga sessions 8:00 – 9:00 AM in room San Jose of the conference centre

  282. #wicow2009 #www2009 discussions continue at the Novotel’s restaurant 7:30 PM.
  283. @kidehen will discuss further today if I make it to free beer

  284. #www2009 first day concluded. I’m impressed (the official part). A very long day, however, compared to other events.
  285. surprised @ the heated discussion of PageRank efficiency. A. Broder previously said that this is solve – easy & fast #www2009 #ldow2009

  286. RT: @tommyh: all the #ldow2009 slides will be online at http://events.linkeddata.or… . some are already, the rest shortly.
  287. #ldow2009 #www2009 using pagerank for ranking datasets is interesting, but be aware of link spam; not spam resilient as speaker suggested.
  288. @SeanGolliher gracias!

  289. @seangolliher explains why I couldn’t find it. Let me know when it’s released. taa @ acm dot org
  290. @SeanGolliher sounds interesting. will check it out
  291. @gothwin fuelled on coffee and ready for more brain fuels

  292. now @ #linkeddata #ldow2009 #www2009

  293. it was good finally meeting @gaedke in person and talking about twitter over coffee
  294. @besbes worth $14.95?

  295. RT @jokinc #www2009, as more relevant the snippet is, more the people clicks on it, even if it provides all the needed info

  296. @ivan_herman unfortunate name though as there is a SiLK for network analysis:…
  297. @mhausenblas would you use #www2009 as a tag instead of #www09? many people are following the activities by searching for www2009
  298. @gothwin I second that. I think coffee should be available at all time #www2009

  299. @gaedke #searchmetrics was pretty good .. should’ve listened more and tweeted less 😛

  300. @mariagrineva would love to see your blog search. Are you presenting a paper?
  301. #webcentives #www2009 “Varying conclusions from survey data and experimental research” re public vs. private models
  302. “if you torture the data long enough it will confess”

  303. RT @jahendler you might also encourage use of tag #www2009 (someone could put this in kickoff remarks)
  304. now @ #webcentives #www2009

  305. the lunch is absolutely fantastic! well done guys

  306. caviar for lunch
  307. #searchmetrics #www2009 concluded. Off to lunch twwweet

  308. #searchmetrics #www2009 big question “What is the best way to manage user attention?”
  309. #searchmetrics #www2009 rounded corners are easier on the eyes

  310. #searchmetrics #www2009 some practical tips on ‘Presentation aspects and issues”
  311. @xamat full disclosure:

  312. @xamat better unofficial than nothing, wouldn’t you agree?
  313. RT @mariagrineva: Who is at www2009, I suggest you to follow @www2009
  314. @arkaitz installing. thanks!

  315. @gkob vertical search is the future of search, at least until we invent thought readers
  316. #searchmetrics #www2009 chicken&egg: how to find undiscovered URLs to test crawler discovery rate?
  317. inconvenience: posting updates to #twitter doesn’t fetch new tweets, need to reload manually.

  318. #searchmetrics #www2009 on to profiling URL ages in search engines. Reflects crawler quality among others
  319. @twitter RT @heycam nice idea for a service: a twitter account that detects tweet language and retweets translated to another language

  320. So many Spanish tweets at #www2009 that I’d like to read. Where is twitter translator when you need one?
  321. #searchmetrics #www2009 measuring coverage and diversity in search engines. Many approaches, some yet to be published, no winning strategy

  322. @tommyh I was actually talking to one of them earlier .. turned out he works at Yahoo
  323. @tadejtadej what else is new, eh?
  324. @alexgarciac Do tell what the actual news is

  325. #searchmetrics #www2009 Query by Content flowchart .. how to estimate coverage in search engines

  326. #searchmetrics #www2009 resumes after the coffee break
  327. @xamat which tutorial?

  328. Talking to creator of
  329. on to #tWWWeetCoffee

  330. #searchmetrics #www2009 is now on break, only 3 mins over schedule. So far so good.
  331. ops .. beeing a twitter n00b, just discovered RT meant retweet and not reply-to.

  332. #searchmetrics #www2009 indirect use of user clicks by way for differences in expected #DCG between two engines; depends on relevance model
  333. @tommyh similarly at @searchmetrics plenty of Q&A

  334. #searchmetric #www2009 balanced interleaving combination of results is a good method to compare engines based on direct user clicks
  335. RT @gaedke #tWWWeetLunch is a yes! Anyone else?

  336. too much “follow” spam. Please post at least 1 post with #www2009 before following to identify yourself as interested in the conference.
  337. #searchmetric #www2009 nDCG and q-measures are best for comparing search engines in practice

  338. #searchmetric #www2009 Graded version of #bpref is #rpref – a cumulative gain approach, as recent as 2007!
  339. #searchmetric #www2009 Kandall Binary preference #bpref works with binary preference judgements (yes/no) – easier for judges

  340. #searchmetric #www2009 Discounted Cumulative Gain #DCG is useful for graded relevance feedback, e.g., star rating system
  341. #searchmetric #www2009 Mean Reciprocal Rank (#MRR) looks at top relevant results

  342. #searchmetric #www2009 for MAP@10, if some queries don’t have 10 results, use R-precision instead.
  343. #searchmetric #www2009 mean average precision (#MAP) is the next metric on the list. Shows averages as a single number

  344. #searchmetric #www2009 the most basic metric is precision, recall, and their combination as f-score. As precision varies, f-score is a graph
  345. #searchmetric #www2009 hard to compute recall but can be estimated by sampling

  346. #searchmetric #www2009 still going over the basics – precision, recall, F-measure
  347. Yahoo is talking about Search Engine Metrics @ #www2009. The intro was pretty basic but comprehensive.

  348. What people are saying about #www2009 on twitter:
  349. #LinkedData food&drinks today @ 8pm. Details –…

  350. Took 10 minutes to find M-4: medium room on the 4th floor on the “Left” wing. If you end up on the right wing, cross over on the 3rd floor.
  351. Registered. I’m in. On to room finding. Bags can wait for later.

  352. #www2009 tutorials and workshops start in 20 mins. See you there!
  353. See what twitters are saying about #www2009 on the @www2009 profile. Follow me to be added to the list

  354. These tweets are an unofficial account of #WWW2009 on twitter by one of the attendees.

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