GNU grep 2.5.4 released

After almost two years in the making, and with the assistance of the fine people on the bug-grep mailing list, I have made an official release of GNU grep 2.5.4. This is my first significant contribution to Free Software and the Open Source world. Now I can say with pride and confidence that I am an active member of the GNU project and the maintainer of GNU grep. The official announcement follows.

I’m pleased to announce the release of GNU grep 2.5.4.

GNU grep is a pattern matching program. The grep command searches one or
more input files for lines containing a match to a specified pattern.
The pattern can be a fixed string or a regular expression. By default,
grep prints the matching lines.

This is primarily a bug-fix release. For a complete list of changes
please refer to the ChangeLog file.

Thanks to all the people who have been testing, reporting bugs,
contributing code, suggesting enhancements, providing feedback, and
answering user questions on the mailing lists <address@hidden>. Thanks
to all the translators. Special thanks to Karl Berry for his guidance
and support leading to my first release as a maintainer of grep.

You can find the new release here:

Soon it will also appear on the sources and GNU mirrors which
are listed here:

The MD5 checksums are:

92258031d98d4f12dfc6a6d24057e672 grep-2.5.4.tar.gz
5650ee2ae6ea4b39e9459d7d0585b315 grep-2.5.4.tar.bz2

The GNU grep official Web site is:

Please report bugs and feedback to <address@hidden>.

The grep development discussion happen on the mailing list
<address@hidden>. To join, visit:



Tony Abou-Assaleh, PhD
Email: address@hidden
Web site:

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