My First “smart ride”

Earlier today I had the pleasure to ride in a smart. It was my first smart ride ever. So what?, you may ask. What is so special about a smart ride? This ride was very special indeed. Not only was it a smart, but it was a smart forfiveone ride!

This car is awesome. It is so awesome that I thought it was manufactured like that. And not until the owner/dirver/creator started pointing out all the different mods that I began to realize how special that ride was.
So much leg room and head room, way more than most economy-sized cars that I drove or rode in over the years. The custom GPS looks as if it was factory installed. The mini LCD displays make it look that much more geeky and sporty at the same time.

I loved the sport shocks going on Halifax streets after a rough winter (well, it still is going, may even get worse). And though I didn’t get to used the add-on arm rest – it was reserved by the driver – I totally appreciated the added comfort the driver was getting.

Only one pickiness I can think of: what’s up with the doors requiring a double slam to close? Makes you want to kick the door every time it doesn’t close.

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