Third Wednesday Social Media Tweetup – Impressions

Third Wednesday (#thirdwednesday on twitter) is a monthly informal networking event. There is no RSVP or membership, just show up at Foggy Goggle on Argyle Street between 5-7 PM on the third Wednesday of the month.

Today’s topic was Twitter and how local Halifax businesses use twitter to interact with customers and clients. It was facilitated by Michelle Yogis (@myogis). Highlights of comments made:

  • Many local businesses in Halifax are active on twitter
  • No measurable ROI at the moment
  • There must be a single person behind a corporate twitter account – the interaction needs to be personal
  • Main value comes through building relationships and branding, no immediate increase in sales
  • Twitter should be considered in an integrated marketing plan and not on its own

Over 35 people attended the August meeting. A few prizes were given away in a mini-contest, where answer to questions were submitted through twitter (although the questions themselves were not).

All in all I think it is a great, relaxing event to meet locals from all industries who are passionate about the Internet, the Web, and the new social communication tools online.

4 thoughts on “Third Wednesday Social Media Tweetup – Impressions

  1. trevor

    Hey tony,

    I think it’s actually organized by Joel Kelly and Darrin Searancke. But I know Michelle Yogis has a lot to do with it as well. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Ryan Deschamps

    Just to note that the much loved third wednesday supporter, Michelle Yogis, organized the last Third Wednesday but is not the organizer in general. We generally switch organizers once per month. I think Joel Kelly and Ben Boudreau get the cred for organizer so far, and Carman Pirie with Ben Boudreau originated the idea. In the end, this is truly a community driven event owned by noone in particular!

  3. taa Post author

    Thanks Trevor and Ryan for clearing this up. I’ve update the post to more accurately reflect Michelle’s role.

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