GenieKnows Local Updates to version 1.1

GenieKnows Local LogoThis week GenieKnows released version 1.1 of their local search, only weeks after the launch of version 1.0. Version 1.1 of the local includes many interface enhancements and bug fixes; thanks to all the feedback that was sent to them by the early users of the system. However, the main noticeable change is a much nicer looking map. The new map includes 2 additional zoom levels, one at each side of the scale. The purpose of the additional zoom levels is to accommodate for larger screens and for smaller screens. Many more city and town labels have been added over version 1.0. My favorite change though is smooth and gradual transition in the level of details as you zoom in and zoom out.
Directory pages and business info pages now use clean URLs for easy sharing and bookmarking. For example, here is a URL from version 1.0 that pointed to the Construction & Contractors directory in Halifax:

This same page can now be accessed by the much nicer URL:

The new URL structure is organizing in a similar manner as the directory itself, so it is easy to tell where you are in the directory by just looking at the address. It is also very easy now to access any section in the directory by manipulating the address directly, that is, if you really don’t like using the breadcrumbs :O). A similar approach is in the oven for clean URL for search result listings.

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