GenieKnows Local Version 1.0 is Live!

GenieKnows Local LogoAfter 4 years in the making, the GenieKnows Local search engine is finally live! I am very excited about this achievement as I was heading its development for the past 1.5 years. It is one of only three engines covering all of the US and Canada: GenieKnows Local, Google Maps and Microsoft’s Live Search Maps. Give it a try at:

Tell us what you like, what we can improve, and what else you would like to see. Send your comments via the “feedback” link located on all pages at GenieKnows Local. If you find it useful, pass it on!

The way Barbra Manning, CEO and President of GenieKnows, described GenieKnows after releasing its local search:

The Little Engine That Did The Impossible!

And that is true indeed. Considering how small we are in number (employees, servers, resources), the launch of GenieKnows Local version 1.0 is a demonstration that the people at GenieKnows can do the impossible.
In my previous company, Eurika IT Solution, my motto was:

Sounds logical? We can do it!

But at GenieKnows that’s too easy. My new motto at GenieKnows is:

Sounds impossible? We can do it!

Feature highlights:

  • Full map of Canada and United States
  • Business listings for all of Canada and US
  • Directory based navigation
  • Free form search for locations, addresses, businesses, and business categories
  • Unique and innovative zone-based map navigation
  • Exact result counts: what you see is what you get. If it says there are 15065 restaurants in New York, you can use the map to navigate to every single one of them!
  • Many other enhancements, such displaying the whether information of your target city, different map views, ability search the visible maps, …

Let me know what your favorite features are. The best way to do so is through the feedback link on the page displaying the feature. The feedback messages are sent to my mailbox with additional info such as the URL you’re viewing so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Congratulations to the entire GenieKnows team!

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