Advice from Successful Ladies and Men

CNN Money has an excellent articles where they interview 22 people from political leaders, company executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and even a chef, asking them to share the best advice they ever got. Below is a summary of their answers:

  • “Keep it Simple” – Tiger Woods
  • “Show, don’t tell” – Jim Sinegal
  • “Do what you love” – Mort Zuckerman
  • “Empower a subordinate” – Lloyd Blankfein
  • “Push beyond your comfort zone” – Mohamed El-Erian
  • “Ignore conventional wisdom” – David Axelrod
  • “Trust your instincts” – Tory Burch
  • “Read everything” – Jim Rogers
  • “Be effective, not popular” – Scott Boras
  • “Use failure to motivate yourself” – Mika Brzezinski
  • “Focus on performance, not power” – Colin Powell
  • “Take advice from smart people” – Shai Agassi
  • “Make an impression” – Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
  • “Hire a coach” – Eric Schmidt
  • “Set realistic goals” – Meredith Whitney
  • “Listen” – Lauren Zalaznick
  • “Don’t talk shop” – Julian Robertson
  • “Treat it like it’s yours” – Thomas Keller
  • “Underpromise and overdeliver” – Robin Li
  • “Don’t pursue titles and dollars” – Miles White
  • “Self-doubt is normal” – Aaron Patzer
  • “Be nice to people” – Niklas Savander

My favourite three from the list are “take advice from smart people”, “Keep it Simple”, and “Show, don’t tell.” Each of these three advices I have come to experience as being true wisdom and highly effective in a diversity of situations.

To read more about these advice, the context, and where they came from, see the original article: Best advice I ever got.

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