Theories of Limited and Unlimited Space

Is Space limited or Unlimited?There are two competing theories that try to define whether our space is bound.

Theory of Limited Space

The theory of limited space states that there is a limited amount of space available, and once a subject expands to fill all the available space, it will not be able expand any more.

Theory of Unlimited Space

The theory of unlimited space states that there is an unlimited amount of space available. As a result, an expanding subject can continue to expand indefinitely, not limited by the space constraint, but its expansion may still be limited by factors other than space availability.

The Third Theory of Space

There is a third little known theory that states that space is neither limited nor unlimited. One consequence of this theory is that an expanding object will not be permitted to expand indefinitely due to space constraints, but the amount of remaining available space is undefined.

Some scientists believe that all three theories are wrong, which leads to the fourth theory of space.

The Fourth Theory of Space

The forth theory of space states that space is both limited and unlimited. Although intuitively this theory sounds paradoxical, in reality it is sound and consistent.

P.S., sorry Albert, I didn’t have the time – though I had the space – to incorporate time in the space theories.

This post was inspired by the brilliant comedy of Brian Malow.

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