To blog or not to blog, that is the question

How twitter and facebook almost killed my blog


It’s been about 6 months since I last wrote on this site. And instead of writing about something useful, here I am writing about writing and not writing .. the boring useless stuff that few would care about. But wait, isn’t that the reason why I didn’t write for so long in the first place? Wasn’t it because I didn’t want to write about boring useless stuff that few would care about? C’est la vie. Life must go on, and for a site to maintain its livelihood, it’s got to be updated once in a while.

Twitter (Almost) Killed My Blog

But another more realistic reason for not writing this long is the new social media. I’ve been writing on twitter and facebook many times a day. Most of what I wanted to say I could squeeze in 140 characters, including a link, a couple hash tags, exclamation marks, and space to spare for retweets. Now that’s efficiency! But if I can be that efficient on Twitter and Facebook, and I feel I have something worthy to say there, then why not here, on my very own personal blog? Aren’t these condensed, super-efficient revelations worthy of “the Web”? Is there a minimum length requirement for blog analogous to the maximum length requirement of a tweet? Is blogging, then, the opposite of tweeting?


Long story short, this story is already too long. What I wanted to say was “I’m back to blog again.” Period.

3 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog, that is the question

  1. Mitchell McKenna

    Funny coincidence, it was probably 6 months ago when I STARTED blogging over at ! It’s like I picked up where you left off 😉 It was hard to do, I kept saying “I’ll get a nice design first…”, “I’ll get a commenting system setup first…”, “I’ll get all the plug-ins setup first…” which kept me from blogging for probably 2 years! Finally I said, forget it all, just START!

    It’s been pretty smooth since then. Anytime I find I’ve got a strong opinion on something and I see I’m like 500 characters over the twitter limit, I turn it into a blog post. Only problem is now I’ve got 20 half-written drafts, lol. I try to reserve blogging for original material (or something I believe I have a unique/passionate opinion on). If it’s not that long, I turn it into a GReader share (with note), a Posterous post, or (my favorite new social network) Amplify post.

    Welcome back to the bloggosphere Tony!

  2. taa Post author

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I didn’t know I actually had real readers!

    Mitchell: I liked the idea of Posterous, still it was for me “yet another site”. Even with aggregators, there is too much manual effort for me to enter sources. I’ve switched from RSS to Twitter as my aggregation service :OP

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