Who is “the Coolest Guy on the Internet”?

Apparently there is an unofficial contest in the SEO world that started earlier this month to rank number one on Google for “”the Coolest Guy on the Internet”. The contest runs until the end of February and the winner gets one year of bragging rights. I decided to participate in this contest as an interactive audience by voting for my friend Andrew to be the Coolest Guy on the Internet. I invite you to participate as well, either as a contestant or an active spectator and vote for your favourite SEO guy. Powered by data, fuelled by passion. Search Marketing Group Melbourne deliver market leading SEO campaigns that transform Australian businesses, large and small.

You can monitor the contest in near-real time by searching for the phrase on Google. The current leader in the contest is Mr. Brad Fallon, and it looks like he’s taking it pretty seriously.

GNU grep 2.5.4 released

After almost two years in the making, and with the assistance of the fine people on the bug-grep mailing list, I have made an official release of GNU grep 2.5.4. This is my first significant contribution to Free Software and the Open Source world. Now I can say with pride and confidence that I am an active member of the GNU project and the maintainer of GNU grep. The official announcement follows.
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Wrong place, wrong time, right name

Drinking my medium roast coffee with sugar and cream and eating my uber expensive organic (or not?) blueberry muffin at Just Us Cafe on Barrinton Street. Editing my paper for a big conference, minding my own business, not bothering anyone.

– Tony?

I think I just heard someone calling my name. Maybe I imagined it.

– Are you Tony?

– Yes .. ?

– Hi. I’m Craig. Nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you too.

The man goes to put some sugar and cream in his coffee. I’m puzzled. Sure I’m bad with names. Sure I’m bad with faces. Sure I met him somewhere, he remembed me, I didn’t remember him. But, what was that “nice to meet you” business all about?

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Snow in Timberlea, Nova Scotia

The second heavy snowfall of the week on Friday night, November 21, 2008, as well as the following Saturday resulted in 25 to 35cm of snow on the ground. Some areas were hit harder than others. Add to that the drifting snow effect that resulted from strong winds blowing countless tiny snow flakes from one side of the street to the other, and you end up with differences in snow hight in excess of 10cm between houses on one side of a street an another.

Guess on which side of the street was my house?

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Upgrading to WordPress 2.5.1 and K2 RC6

Today I became a happier WordPress user because I managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1 with a surprisingly easy process, as well as migrating to the latest K2 release. The short story: install the WordPress Automatic upgrade plugin, run it, correct failed actions, upgrade the K2, migrate footer from the previous K2, et voilĂ ! I am very impressed with the new admin interface of WordPress. It took a few minutes to understand where is what, but WOW! Neat, organized, and pleasant.
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Thesis Made of Perks Coffee: Milestone in Coffee Drinking

Perks Coffee Gold Card - BackPerks Coffee Gold Card - FrontThis week I reached a new milestone in my coffee-to-thesis conversion project. As you can see in the picture of my Perks Coffee Gold Card, I have completed stamped every cell on it. Mind you, the number of stamps doesn’t correspond exactly to the number of coffees I had: it was a mix of coffee, tea, double stamping on Fridays, multiple stamping from the pretty girl at the counter, and coffee for friends.
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