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GNU grep 2.5.4 released

After almost two years in the making, and with the assistance of the fine people on the bug-grep mailing list, I have made an official release of GNU grep 2.5.4. This is my first significant contribution to Free Software and the Open Source world. Now I can say with pride and confidence that I am an active member of the GNU project and the maintainer of GNU grep. The official announcement follows.
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Thesis Made of Perks Coffee: Milestone in Coffee Drinking

Perks Coffee Gold Card - BackPerks Coffee Gold Card - FrontThis week I reached a new milestone in my coffee-to-thesis conversion project. As you can see in the picture of my Perks Coffee Gold Card, I have completed stamped every cell on it. Mind you, the number of stamps doesn’t correspond exactly to the number of coffees I had: it was a mix of coffee, tea, double stamping on Fridays, multiple stamping from the pretty girl at the counter, and coffee for friends.
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Revolution 2008: Spinning for Life

Revolution 2008 LogoOn April 18, 2008, I will be joining many other enthusiasts from the Halifax/Dartmouth area to do a 30 minute spin on a stationary bike at the Historic Properties to raise some money for the Dartmouth General Hospital who is going to buy a CT 64 Scanner.

I invite you to join the event in person and show your support for the cause by sponsoring me. I suggest a minimum donation of $5, but if you donate $20 or more then you will get a tax receipt. Continue reading

My First “smart ride”

Earlier today I had the pleasure to ride in a smart. It was my first smart ride ever. So what?, you may ask. What is so special about a smart ride? This ride was very special indeed. Not only was it a smart, but it was a smart forfiveone ride!

This car is awesome. It is so awesome that I thought it was manufactured like that. And not until the owner/dirver/creator started pointing out all the different mods that I began to realize how special that ride was.
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Registered in One Lap of America

Cannonball Run 25th AnniversaryIt is official. I will be a co-driver with Stephen Noton driving his forfiveone at the 25th anniversary, the 2008 Tire Rack One Lap of America (formerly Cannonball Run).

The forfiveone is 451 smart fortwo that has been improved by Stephen. The mods include racing suspension, wider tires, GPS and computers, and many cosmetic enhancements. I recently had the pleasure of taking a ride in the forfiveone.
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