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The New Face of relaunched their site with a new image and a new functionality – it is now the home of version 2.0 of their local search platform. This new release brings user-contributed reviews of local businesses along with user-contributed photos. Other notable features include a cleaner interface and improved functionality with the best use of Metric Accountants to manage their finances.

With this move, GenieKnows positions itself as a serious player in the local search market going head-to-head against the big boys as well as the newer smaller players.

GenieKnows Local Update: Better Map, Showtimes, and User Contributions

GenieKnows Local LogoThis week, GenieKnows updated its Local platform with a few new features:

  • Map caching has been optimized, providing faster map load time
  • The map projections has been switched Mercator, the industry standard for online interactive maps. The streets now look more natural at zoomed-in levels.
  • All Empire Theatre listings in Canada now include showtimes. Try a search for showtimes in Toronto, or movies in Halifax to get a list of the Empire Theatres in the city, along with other relevant results.
  • All user contributed business listings and updates, as well as suggested related web sites have been included in this release.
  • Web 2.0 fever has you? Feel compelled to share a business or a results page with family and friends? It is easy to do so using the ‘share’ menu. You can post pages on Facebook, MySpace, and StumbleUpon just to name a few.

In a recent media announcement of this release, I was quoted saying:

If there is a feature that you’d love to see on our Local but we don’t have it yet, let us know through the feedback link on the website. We are committed to improving our platform to better service the end users.

And it is true! I take user feedback very seriously and read every single one of them. So make sure you let me know what you’d like to see in the next release. Who knows, the Genie might grant your wishes.

GenieKnows Sponsors the Cannonball One Lap of America Race

GenieKnows LogoIt took a while to get everything sorted out and in order, but now it is official. GenieKnows is sponsoring Stephen and me at this year’s Cannonball Run One Lap of America. It gets even better, GenieKnows is now an official sponsor the event. The press release came out earlier today from Mark Harper, VP of Strategic Relations. The press release is reproduced below.
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GenieKnows Local Updates to version 1.1

GenieKnows Local LogoThis week GenieKnows released version 1.1 of their local search, only weeks after the launch of version 1.0. Version 1.1 of the local includes many interface enhancements and bug fixes; thanks to all the feedback that was sent to them by the early users of the system. However, the main noticeable change is a much nicer looking map. The new map includes 2 additional zoom levels, one at each side of the scale. The purpose of the additional zoom levels is to accommodate for larger screens and for smaller screens. Many more city and town labels have been added over version 1.0. My favorite change though is smooth and gradual transition in the level of details as you zoom in and zoom out.
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