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TitanFile – Secure Document Sharing and Tracking

TitanFile is a Web-based service that enable businesses to communicate and share files easily and securely. Our goal is to make secure document sharing as transparent and easy as using email, if not easier. Think of TitanFile as FedEx for electronic documents: a secure and reliable method to deliver a document from the sender to the recipient, with recipient verification, delivery notification, and reporting. Our target audience are businesses and government organization who care about the security of their file and the confidentiality of their clients.

I co-founded TitanFile with Milan Vrekic, who has won the 1st place prize in the recent Best Big Idea competition for his business plan for TitanFile. The competition was organized by the Nova Scotia Co-op Council.

The service is currently in closed beta. If you’re interested in gaining early access, you can make request.

I conclude this intro with a promotional video that Milan has put together.