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Upgrading to WordPress 2.5.1 and K2 RC6

Today I became a happier WordPress user because I managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1 with a surprisingly easy process, as well as migrating to the latest K2 release. The short story: install the WordPress Automatic upgrade plugin, run it, correct failed actions, upgrade the K2, migrate footer from the previous K2, et voilĂ ! I am very impressed with the new admin interface of WordPress. It took a few minutes to understand where is what, but WOW! Neat, organized, and pleasant.
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Why WordPress?

WordPress Logo I was previously using a set of home-brewed PHP scripts to manage my site that I wrote a few years ago. Back then, WordPress was still buggy, hard to use and configure, and the styles weren’t as flexible.

My primitive scripts did the job well initially, when all I wanted was a few static pages. But now that I want to update my site more frequently, I looked for some simple content management system. I really considered only 2 alternatives: Drupal and WordPress. I know my way around Drupal pretty well so it was the first candidate CMS. However I had heard about the wide spread of WordPress, it’s popularity among bloggers, and the awards it had won. Needless to say, WordPress was my choice in the end. Here is why.

  • Theming K2 to a simplistic and functional look was easier than theming Drupal.
  • This is a single-user blog, I don’t need all the complexity of permissions in Drupal.
  • I had a really bad experience with Drupal’s WYSIWYG editors, but WordPress’ editor seems to work more reliably.
  • I wanted simple categories and none of the taxonomy headaches
  • WordPress didn’t require configuration to work, only customization. Drupal would’ve required both.

I’ve been fairly happy with my WordPess setup that I plan to convert some of my primitive Drupal sites into WordPress.