WordPress Automatic Upgrade to 2.7.1 Fails on 1and1 Hosting

BannerI’ve been trying to upgrade to the latest WordPress (version 2.7.1) for a while without success. Every time I initiate the upgrade, whether through WordPress’ built-in automatic upgrade feature or using the automatic upgrade plugin, the process stalls when it reaches the step of downloading the latest zip file. After checking the the compatibility matrix I discovered that my hosting provider, 1and1, runs PHP4 by default, which incompatible with the upgrade script. This problem can be easily fixed by forcing PHP5. This can be achieved by adding the following line to your .htaccess file:

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

8 thoughts on “WordPress Automatic Upgrade to 2.7.1 Fails on 1and1 Hosting

  1. Jeren

    Thanks for posting this. I had issues with upgrading to 2.8.1 and, after the hassle of a manual upgrade, plus tracking down some issues with the new version, I wish I had found this sooner!

  2. bonjove

    I’m having the same problem. It has caused me a headache.

    But where exactly do I put the line of code in the .htaccess fil?

    Does this only work with Linux hosting or with MS aswell?

  3. taa Post author

    You add the lines at the end of your .htaccess file on their own; i.e., not part of any other directive. This should work under any OS as long as you’re using apache, but I only tested it under Linux hosting.

  4. Pete McCrea

    Thanks for this – I was struggling with the Auto Update too, and this has solved the problem.

    I copied and pasted the text to the .htaccess file as the very last line of text to answer the above question, and that seems to have done it!

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